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As an industrial manufacturer with offices in Greater China, USA, New Zealand and, South Africa, BMF has developed unique expertise in bridging cultures – including manufacturing cultures- in order to solve problems and get things done.  This ability lies in our dedicated staff that oversees all stages of manufacturing, allowing our customers to outsource with confidence.


Now we are expanding our offering to include the Africa market. That means setting up an office, manufacturing facility and a team here to ensure the same level of service that our customers have come to expect from us all over the world. Our commitment to quality in, manufacturing goods, hydraulic cylinders and parts or supplying commodities whether we are servicing our customers in the US, Europe, New Zealand or Africa remains the same.

We seek to develop long term relationships with customers as we believe its mutually beneficial. We also believe in honesty, reliability, and honoring of commitments we make, and we believe BMF Africa offers the ingredients of a long term partner that will make the difference to your company. 

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Proud Partner of the

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Dump Site

We have a passion for the being apart of the solution when it comes to the environment. As a company that works in the plastics and metal industries, we want our work to benefit the world and not hurt it. Due to this, we have invested into our own recycling plant to limit waste and improve local living conditions.



BMF Africa is a big supporter of building business through relationships and giving back to help people. Apart of our mission is to encourage and partner with people and organizations to make a difference in society.

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As a way to grow and empower Black people in Africa, we also have a BEE Company that allows for grow into areas of business that were previously untapped.

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