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Brantingham Manufacturing (BMF) has 30 years of experience sourcing, manufacturing, and exporting industrial hardware to many markets of the world. In 2017, we have established offices and manufacturing facilities in Africa. The expertise that we have gained from years of experience in the manufacturing industry have been extended to help our customers in Africa source quality industrial commodities and products that are tailored for their businesses.  We are now in four industries in Africa and hope to continue to grow.

BMF Africa has diversified since its inception and is now involved in many different industries. We import a variety of products and manufactures our own BMF hydraulic cylinders.

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BMF Africa imports a variety of products, from PET to Caustic Soda. We can import from Asia, North America and Europe into the African Market. 

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BMF Africa also is also connected with another branch of ours called BMF Hydraulics. BMF Hydraulics is a manufacturing division of BMF that makes and sells hydraulic cylinders and components. We are now servicing the African market as well.


In 2021, BMF Africa installed their very own recycling plant bringing opportunities of sustainability and community development to the area. As we develop our "bottle to bottle" dream, take a look at our RPET flakes.

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Opened in May of 2020, Africlear's Recycling plant is now an integral part of our business and mission. At BMF we believe it is vitally important that we find solutions in the Business world. When it comes to plastics we want to be a contributor to this solution by recycling. Check out how and why we recycle.

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A new venture for the BMF group started in 2019, when we organized the BMF Foundation. We believe while doing business anywhere in the world, it's important to build up the communities in those areas. As we continue to develop business, it's important to keep growing our giving efforts as well.

A new venture in 

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